I became a Christian January 14th 1945, born into a Catholic family that regularly attended the prescribed sacraments. Religious education was part of my school curriculum, until my senior school years, when it abruptly disappeared. I learned little about the Church and not much about God, but developed a fascination for some of the Saints, choosing to read books about their lives.  
Elizabeth is the second of eleven children, one of the beautiful daughters of Harold and Kathleen. We were married September of 1972 at the Catholic Church in Pointe a Pierre. I remember taking my vows very seriously, but admit to knowing nothing at that time about being a husband. Her parents gave us a wonderderful, memorable wedding reception, which was followed by an idyllic honeymoon. In due course we had two sons. For the first fifteen years of our marriage we lived in Trinidad, and then moved to the USA in 1987, becoming citizens in the early nineties. We now have added three granddchildren - the joy of our lives


When I turned Twenty One I departed Trinidad to enter The London School of Flying in Elstree, near London. Upon receiving my British License I returned home to Trinidad and almost immediately joined BWIA (British West indian Airways) as an airline pilot in the position of Flight Engineer. At the end of the seventies, following a six month industrial dispute, when most of the pilots went on strike, we were subsequently fired.  Most of the aircrew returned to the airline but I was given the opportunity to become a corporate pilot, which subsequently grew into a corporate/charter General Aviation business. In the late eighties I accepted a partnership in a growing General Aviation center in Miami, but the ill timed move turned sour and the business failed. I flew one season with a small airline flying out of Miami to the Bahamas and then became a corporate pilot also based in Miami. Early in the nineties I brought my aviation career to an end and moved with my family to Texas.
Property Management Executive
I began a career in Property Management, based in Dallas, Texas. In the mid nineties we moved again and for the next fifteen years grew in the property management business in downtown Chicago. At various stages I was responsible for commercial properties, garages and medical buildings, but mostly high rise apartment buildings. I consider my last eight years the most rewarding of my working career. With our first grandchild on the way we decided to retire and move back to Florida.  
One of the easiest ways to make friends is to join a vibrant parish. This has the added benefit of keeping busy as a volunteer. I am a proud husband, Father, Grandfather and Father-in-Law. We all live in balmy Florida, just minutes from the beach and close enough to the Cape to feel the rockets take off. As we transit into old age it becomes easier to detach ourselves from the hustle and bustle of life and grow closer to God, which has special rewards of Peace and Joy. When I am not Volunteering I am either gardening or writing. I enjoy both, though not an expert at either. My writing enables me to share the Love of God with others - not always easy, but I have the best Teacher.
St. Andrew's School, Maraval, Trinidad
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Ladycross School, Seaford, Sussex
The Oratory School, Reading, Berkshire
The London School of Flying