Education Taxes
November 16, 2015
Lisa Cullen, CFC
Brevard County Tax Collector
P.O. Box 2500
Titusville, FL 32781-2500
Dear Sirs,
    Enclosed please find a check in the amount of $2,425.71 which represents 2015 taxes for my Satellite Beach property, Tax account number:XXXXXXXX.
    This tax liability includes specific funding for Schools in the amount of $1,038.65. I request that this portion of my tax, be sent to:
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School
3060 N. Highway A1A, Indialantic FL 32903
These funds are for credit to the accounts of my granddaughter XXXXXXXX and grandson XXXXXXXXXXX. 
My Legal standing for the above rests upon Federal Law as follows:
1925 - Pierce v. Society of Sisters of the Holy Name
Whereby a Parent is allowed to choose the school of choice for my child.
2002 - Zelman v. Simmons-Harris
Whereby Constitutionality was established for funds to be used for tuition at private schools.
I would be grateful if you will acknowledge receipt of this letter and advise when the funds have been transferred.
Randal Agostini
cc: Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School
This letter accompanied the Tax payment to the Brevard Tax Collector.  I received a reply, which advised me to follow up my request with the Brevard County School Board, which is pending.
January 26th, 2016
Senator Thad Altman
8910 Astronaut Boulevard, Suite 210
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
Dear Senator Altman,
My wife and I very much wants to vote for you. We are looking for a positive answer to a
favorable outcome, which is a withdrawal of the Blaine Amendment which still exists in
Florida. This amendment prohibits the use of State funds at Sectarian schools. When
the Blaine Amendments were imposed our schooling system was vastly different.
Though the Amendment was specifically directed at the Catholic Church, schools at that
time provided a Christian education, with the belief that all souls are capable of
achieving salvation.
It is well known that public schools no longer allow prayer and Christian beliefs are
actually ridiculed, intellectual and physical acts that are hostile and discriminatory to the
free exercise of religion, which in itself is contradictory to what is stipulated in our Bill of
Rights. Furthermore there is no such commodity as State Funds, those funds simply
carrying another name for citizen taxation. The principle for using taxation for the
common good relinquishes all meaning when use of such funds are purposely denied
citizens on the basis of their religion, another blatantly discriminatory act.
Since salvation is the most important achievement that I and my progeny seek and
since a Christian education is fundamental to this achievement my wife and I are
seeking redress. As our potential representative I am asking that you endeavor to
correct this inequality that currently exists.
We would greatly appreciate your acknowledging and affirm you will work on our behalf
to redress this specific matter.

Education Taxes

Senator Thad Altman (Republican) is running for District 52 in the Florida House. The letter seeks his support to have the Blaine amendment withdrawn and to enable funding of Catholic schools
Education Taxes
11/09/15 3:52 PM
To the Honorable Ritch Workman;
     You serve on two committees that are relevant to my communication, Finance and Tax.
     I am specifically interested in the question of Taxes relating to education, a situation politically foremost in my mind and one that determines how I exercise my vote. Over the years the Supreme court of the United States has allowed three principles:
a) A parent is allowed to choose a school of choice for their child.
b) Funds (taxes) may be used for tuition at private schools.
C) Taxpayers have the right to contribute their own Tax money towards education.
     In principle therefore I should be allowed to use those tax dollars, appropriated for schooling, and apportioned in my property taxes, towards an approved school of my choice. In spite of these principles Florida has chosen to construct a law that virtually limits the amount of tax dollars that may be apportioned towards education.
     There are two fundamental issues that govern my thinking:
     As a Christian the most important goal in life is Salvation and probably the most basic contributing factor
towards that goal is a Christian education. Government schools are now mandated to prevent the free exercise
of religious education and in many cases faculty and staff are hostile towards children of Faith. While I believe that full vouchers, instead of scholarships, should be available as a choice for every child to attend whatever school they choose, at the minimum I believe that every taxpayer should be able to exercise their right for their taxes to be spent in support of their belief, instead of against it.
     I am directly opposed to the Department of Education to be involved in any way, except intellectually, in the
education of Children. The Federal Government has become a direct threat towards the education of children in Florida, through the continuing use of grants to coerce a particular behavior. As a constituent, I would appreciate your reflecting upon my thoughts and then responding to me as to what actions your propose.
I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience
Respectfully, Randal Agostini
This letter was written to my State House Representative. I received an acknowlegement, but have not heard  any further.
Education Taxes
Randal Agostini
132 SE First Street
Satellite Beach, Florida 32937
January 23, 2015
Commissioner Pam Stewart
Florida Department of Education
Turlington Building, Suite 1514
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
Dear Ms. Stewart,
    I am a US Citizen, retired, a Grandparent of two and father of two, a practicing Catholic and resident of Brevard County, Florida. One advantage of growing old is a greater understanding of life, society, family, and faith, and over the years I have learned that notwithstanding all the distractions that life may offer, salvation is paramount. It is therefore my wish to provide my grandchildren with a foundation of faith based upon a comprehensive religious education.  
    As a property taxpayer in Brevard County I spend about 44% of my property taxes paying school taxes that I am unable to use for my grandchildren. I am therefore requesting that the school portion of my property taxes be waived in order to help pay their school fees at an approved Catholic school of my choice. 
    Growing secularism is on the rise and government legislation increasingly reduces religious liberty protections. These developments reflect larger cultural trends regarding the way people understand themselves, society and God. Public Schooling is an active participant in promoting a secular culture wherein God has become irrelevant. While I believe that this is harmful to all children, I am particularly concerned about the threat this poses to the children of my own family, during their most impressionable years. 
    The most basic precept of the Christian Faith is Salvation of the soul - the opportunity to live forever in the sight of God, our Creator. Our Faith recognizes that the life of Christ has provided a “way” for us to achieve that goal. That “way” must be learned in our hearts and our heads. A child grows complimentary to whatever environment it finds itself and it is almost impossible for a Catholic child to successfully grow in faith if their school fails to support that goal. 
    I am therefore making this appeal under my rights under the First Amendment of our Constitution, which prohibits the Government from making a law that prohibits the free exercise of my religion. I am making this appeal under the Fourteenth Amendment, which guarantees Religious Civil Rights and prohibits discrimination. It is my belief that I share an equal right with any other Citizen to choose where my grandchildren may go to school. I further believe that the government may not exercise any law that causes an undue burden against my ability to exercise that right. I further believe that it presents an undue burden for me to pay taxes that allow others to attend school, while I am unable to use those funds for the education of my own grandchildren.  
    I look forward to receiving your early determination in this matter.
Randal Agostini
Property Taxes allocate a 44% portion to County Schools. This letter highlights why I believe Taxes should be paid to the school of my choice. My taxes benefit County Schools, while my grandchildren have to pay to attend a Catholic School, their school of choice.
The letter was never answered, although I sent a reminder.
Same Sex Marriage
February 12, 2015
John G. Roberts
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
1 First Street Northeast
Washington, DC 20543
Dear Sir,
During a recent review of some historical Supreme Court cases I have noticed how regularly the Supreme Court errs in it’s judgement, making rulings that are politically or culturally expedient. It is possible for man to convince, or delude himself into believing almost anything, but America has always stood for something different, believing in a higher authority and in searching for that self evident truth. The Court may make another error ruling that heterosexual marriage endangers the equal rights of our citizens, but these two issues have nothing to do with one another. 
Marriage has historically been a union between a man and a woman. Then Governments created laws and licenses for their own conveniences, to which married couples were bound to comply. But the application of laws governing marriage simply added legal terms or benefits to an already existing reality. Such laws may be applied equally to anyone that a Government deems qualified.
To many, marriage is a holy bond, between a man and a woman, when consummated, and made holy by receiving sacramental benefits from God. We believe that God has made man into complimentary sexes solely for the purpose of procreation and the rearing of children. In that belief there is no law that can ignore this self evident truth.
Participants of other behavioral persuasions have often used the word “Love” to qualify the cementing of a marriage union between two of the same sex. But such use disrespects the myriad meanings of the word love. While our language has one word, the more enlightened Greeks have four: Agape, Eros, Philia and Storge. Call Love what you will, there is no homosexual union that can equally replicate the love that heterosexual unions share in the procreation of man. Another self evident truth.
What can possibly make something that is so evidently wrong, equally right? Only a man made construct that forces an unlawful law upon all. This self evident truth puts those who respect the natural laws of marriage against governmental decree, creating a liability status where none existed before. If a government could cure an inequality without causing harm, why would it choose to cure that inequality by causing great harm to others. If the Court wants to redefine the word marriage to mean any union defined by Government, then surely the Court should allow a word to define the sacred act that joins a man and a woman? That word would then protect those bonded in the sacrament of marriage from discrimination by others
This letter was written to The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. I should have sent it to all the members of the supreme Court. 
Their ruling on Same Sex Marriage will turn out to be a direct assault upon the freedom to practice a religion of choice.