January 25, 2016
In support of Robert J. Glieb's article "Little Lies, Big Lies and Narratives," in catholiclane.com
Great article. From the time I attended Easter Mass in St. Peters, with Pope St. John XXiii - I have been a Papist - looking past the media into the faith of the Popes to find the reason why God would bring such a man to lead our Church. I have never been disappointed.
Pope Francis is a man of Love, that pure manifestation of God that transcends everything, that makes nonsense of our material lives and even defies common sense. He cannot help but show his raw Argentinian hide, for that is his human being, but inside he is a powerful expression of God's love for all humanity, a word that has lost it's true meaning in our tortured World; a conduit to Heaven.

January 22, 2016
Respose to Cullen Herout article n Catholic Stand "Belief is hard, but nothing makes sensewithout God."
Radical Islam and Christian Hope
History does not look Linear nor cyclical, but it's erratic progress seems to have an elusive goal. If we as Christians believe in a God there has to be purpose and that purpose has to end in a Godly fashion. The Old Testament gives a very good, coarse, condensed account of the interaction between God and Man (the Chosen People), both struggling for supremacy and man failing time and again, but slowly creeping forward. "The fullness of time," has to be accepted at face value, and this is a good time of year to contemplate the purpose and Advent of Jesus. We may be approaching the brink of the next era, for we are surely standing on the lip of human destiny. The Golden Calf we are currently constructing is now made from everything that is impure and illogical and we no longer need prophets to tell us so. Looking over the chasm there is only one saving branch - the Love of God. That has to be the final enlightenment for all, for indeed the rest is oblivion. 
Radical Islam and Christian Hope.
In response to an historic article relating to Islam and Christianity published in Catholic Stand.
Response to an article by David Scott
"But witnesses say something remarkable happened on July 17, 1794. As sixteen Carmelites filed up the scaffold singing hymns, the feverish crowd fell silent for no apparent reason. All that could be heard were the strains of the nuns singing the Salve Regina, a hymn to the Blessed Mother, and the Te Deum, the ancient Catholic hymn to the Trinity. That, and the sound of the blade lopping off their heads, one by one. Ten days later, the Reign of Terror abruptly ended as Robespierre and his revolutionary government collapsed.”
The first part reveals something about a "Good Death."  Death is most always depicted as something painful, but in reality the body is often less tormented than the mind. It is the mind that can make death a tortuous passage and it is mental pain that is so often reproduced on the face. These Carmelite nuns were in Love with God throughout the process - their bodies were there but their minds and spirits was already with God. Indeed they were probably wrapped up in Joy. Love transcends this world, it is the language of God and therefore can serve as a direct conduit to Heaven. This is why you often read of Saints in prayer, being in ecstasy. They are mentally - in another world.
The second part reveals the work of God, where anything is possible. He could have ended the French revolution on his own, but he did not. He allowed the French to end it for themselves - God not only loves us - he gives us free will. All of us know right from wrong, some choose to commit wrongs so much that it becomes easy, automatic and even self justified.  The Parisians fed their gluttony for horror viewing their almost non stop executions, similar to how some doctors can commit abortions. Feeding hate is self destroying and sometimes we self correct as was the case in Paris.
The only part David Scott failed to embellish was how we should be reacting to the Love of God. God did not make us 100% perfect for ourselves, but to glorify Him and and to pass his Love on to others. We "show" our Love for God when we give it away. On the one hand our society tells us that we can each be great, but then it fails to tell us that it was God who made each of us great in His eyes. That we could accept and go on to try and please him. Instead we so often see our failures instead of our gifts or make ourselves into Gods, by believing that we accomplished all this ourselves. I think that is when God puts obstacles in our path - to alert us of His presence.
California is one of the largest and most influential of all the States and has often been the precursor of change. We can expect that other states will follow their lead, until it as simple as registering in another State that one will be able to end their life at will.
    More importantly this act should signal alarm for all those who believe in God. From literally the very beginning we recognize that the nature of man has faced the challenge to believe or dis-believe in God. This is how we were designed, given the ability to freely choose to Love God, and to recognize him before all other things. No religion has espoused this as being more true than Christianity.
    “God willing,” has been a phrase of many who gave God the deference of being the Almighty, especially when it came to determine the end of life. Introducing a legal option, putting Man in charge of death, for themselves, introduces Man as superior to God, since we can ignore his existence. It is the finality of the solution that makes the choice so profound. It removes the option, we sever that last filament of Faith through which God continually offers his outstretched hand. 
    The physical side of this bill further diminishes the acceptance of equality as being an established right. We give governments power over much of what we do - in favor of a majority. This control over life or death in fact puts the Government squarely in charge of our destiny, usurping the rights of God. It has been shown in the past and the present that this power has not been benign. It is the poor and marginalized that suffer the major losses of Abortion and it will be the poor and marginalized that will pay the ultimate price - for the convenience of others.
    This subject seems very academic for those of us in good health and right minds, but just for a moment, if we put ourselves into a situation of seeming hopelessness or unbearable pain we can visualize how easy it is to get suckered into believing the rationale behind the law. 
    This brings us back to the purpose of Creation and the personality of God. God is Love - so how can God place us into a situation, where we would want to end it all? We have to recognize that it is us who put ourselves there. Life can be a challenge from beginning to end, if we are in charge. But once we choose to put God first we automatically become the beneficiaries of his Love and Grace. Love is a two way street - or bridge - and if we lose our Love for God we remove the one conduit of Grace that would enable us to surmount any sorrow or pain. 
OCTOBER 15TH, 2015
This letter was written in response to the implementation of the new California Law allowing assisted suicide.
I was a working man in the sixties and onwards and never really thought about the quality of Catholic teaching at the University level, but for most of my life the emphasis has been: Go to church on Sunday, choose one that suits my style, give generously and hope that I earned sufficient brownie points to squeeze through the eye of the needle.
Upon reflection all the teaching was there - it just was not packaged in a way I could grasp. I have known good and bad Priests and Bishops who gave intellectually stimulating sermons, but then the pedophile scandal caused so much respect to be lost - but, instead of fighting back the Bishops and Priests ran for cover and few have come up for air ever since.
What I do not understand is how our Bishops have allowed Catholic education to be sidelined. I am guaranteed to enjoy freedom of religion; I am guaranteed to be treated equally under the law, so why is it that I have to pay taxes for other children to attend public schools, while I have to pay again to send my own children to parochial schools, which provide better education for half the cost? This
sounds as though I have to give everything to Caesar.
September 5th, 2015
Respopnse to Book review: The 1968 Revolution in American Catholic Education. By Fr. Peter M Mitchell
February 12, 2015
This letter was written to John Roberts, Chief Justice of the supreme Court, before the "Same Sex Marriage" ruling was approved.
    Image and likeness? It was Dale Carnegie that taught me why my own name was so important to me. Similarly, unless we take the time, we don't fully appreciate how we are created in the image and likeness of God. We could consider a mother's creation of her own child and how it is created through love, by Love and in Love. And so it is when we meditate about our own image and likeness we find that God created us out of total love - his own being brought us and everything we know into existence - out of Love, but saving the best for last he created us like himself for himself.
     During a recent review of some historical Supreme Court cases I have noticed how regularly the Supreme Court errs in it’s judgement, making rulings that are politically or culturally expedient. It is possible for man to convince, or delude himself into believing almost anything, but America has always stood for something different, believing in a higher authority and in searching for that self evident truth.
     The Court may make another error ruling that heterosexual marriage endangers the equal rights of our citizens, but these two issues have nothing to do with one another. Marriage has historically been a union between a man and a woman. Then Governments created laws and licenses for their own conveniences, to which married couples were bound to comply. But the application of laws governing marriage simply added legal terms or benefits to an alread existing reality. Such laws may be applied equally to anyone that a Government deems qualified.
     To many, marriage is a holy bond, between a man and a woman, when consummated, and made holy by receiving sacramental benefits from God. We believe that God has made man into complimentary sexes solely for the purpose of procreation and the rearing of children. In that belief there is no law that can ignore this self evident truth. Participants of other behavioral persuasions have often used the word “Love” to qualify the cementing of a marriage union between two of the same sex. But such use disrespects the myriad meanings of the word love. While our language has one word, the more enlightened Greeks have four: Agape, Eros, Philia and Storge. Call Love what you will, there is no homosexual union that can equally replicate the love that heterosexual unions share in the procreation of man. Another self evident truth.
     What can possibly make something that is so evidently wrong, equally right? Only a man made construct that forces an unlawful law upon all. This self evident truth puts those who respect the natural laws of marriage against governmental decree, creating a liability status where none existed before. If a
government could cure an inequality without causing harm, why would it choose to cure that inequality by causing great harm to others. 
     If the Court wants to redefine the word marriage to mean any union defined by Government, then surely the Court should allow a word to define the sacred act that joins a man and a woman? That word would then protect those bonded in the sacrament of marriage from discrimination by others. !